April 29, 2011

A Flood of Water & a Flood of Pups

I write this blog with a broken heart. Yet all of us have survived heartbreak, and so will I. Not unlike parts of the USA, the Amazon region of Peru is experiencing unprecedented flooding. Water levels continue to rise as I watch the rain with dismay. Our dog shelter has flooded. These photos were taken at the start of the inundation. We have moved many dogs to higher ground, many to the clinic, and others are suffering as they are forced to share a small patch of dry ground (lumber stacked into a pile) in one shelter area.

At the same time that we endure physical flooding, we are experiencing an unprecedented influx of helpless, abandoned kittens and puppies.  Please visit our Sponsorship page on ChipIn and choose a needy pet to sponsor.  For $50 you can even name the animal (unless the animal already has a name).  Every day I will post more photos.  Please don't abandon us or these helpless babies.

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  1. OMG! It's so unfair! Can't read it without tears! Will try to do at least anything for them...


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