April 24, 2011

The Dr. V. Experience


Dr. V. is extraordinary, not a woman to forget
But there is much you don’t know about her, I bet.
A talented Veterinarian; A fact known by many.
After two weeks in the Amazon, I learned plenty.




She likes coconut juice after a hard day´s work. 
Her infectious laugh and attitude is a very big perk.
She performs surgery in poor light in the blistering heat.
No complaints even though she needs a drink or to eat


Dr. V appreciates beauty, thus it surrounds her
In the magical trees of the Amazon Jungle. 
With Leica in hand, she captures this calm
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A big THANK YOU to Dr. Jessica Vogelsang for her valuable contributions to Amazon CARES and the entire pet loving community.

All photos by M. Boutchine


  1. Thank you Pup Fan for your comment. Dr. V. is incredible. I admire her very much!


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