March 22, 2011

April Adventure - Excitement is Mounting for Vets Abroad Program!

I am departing for the Amazon in less than a week, and I am full-on excited!  We have a tremendous team of volunteers that will be joining me in Peru for part of my time there.  We've written about our "A" team coming in April 2011 more than a few times on our blog.  Our fundraising superstar, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, has already started to practice his video blogging skills (See our prior blog).  Social media superstar blogger "Dr. V" is joining us too, as is Virtual Vet Amanda Brown.  We've also introduced you to Vet Tech Nikka Harvey.

There are other volunteers coming you might not know about!  And I am also announcing our final itinerary details!!

June Allison is a Veterinary Nurse from Great Britain, currently living in Australia, that will be joining the team.  Luke Marriott and girlfriend Katherine Mock, a Veterinary Nurse, have been traipsing through South America for months now, and will be landing in Iquitos in time for our journey, which begins April 10.

Our 2011 trip itineraries include incredible new jungle adventures and higher end lodging where participants can relax and refresh after a hard day's work.  And make no mistake.  The work is hard!!  Our volunteers arrive on April 10th, and they will be our first guests to stay in our brand new volunteer lodge which we began constructing in November 2010!  The lodge is adjacent to my home and the animal shelter at our jungle property in Cabo Lopez, off the Rio Itaya, a tributary of the mighty Amazon River.

Everyone will jump right into work on Monday the 11th, continuing through mid-day of Friday the 14th.  During this week we'll be moving our equipment around remote and poor neighborhoods near Iquitos, such as Punchana, Nuevo Versalles, and near our shelter in Cabo Lopez.  As the light fades by 4 pm, we'll turn our attention to sterilizing equipment and preparing for the following day.

Saturday April 16th will be a day off as we travel to ExplorNapo Lodge, and Sunday will be filled with once-in-a-lifetime eco-tourism activities!  We'll spend three nights at ExplorNapo lodge while working in Napo River communities, San Pedro, Tamanco and Urco Mirano.  Amazon CARES has never visited these communities before, so we are incredibly excited to help animals in these communities where no vet has yet ventured.  Uncharted territory.

Following that we have three nights at the Ceiba Tops Luxury Resort, and I look forward to the hammock room, jacuzzi, water slide and pool after long days of work in rough conditions.  We'll be working in the community of Mazan during this time, returning to Iquitos late Friday, April 22.  Whew!

Amazon CARES has been busy raising funds for this trip.  These funds help our Peruvian staff attend the trips.  Their experience and skills are essential in less modern conditions.  So, please support our efforts by donating directly to Amazon CARES through ( or on our website.  Thank you and please subscribe to our blog for frequent trip updates!

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