October 2, 2010

WEHT Pics: Rescues Inez & Jessica?

As I embark on another happy voyage to the beautiful Peruvian Amaon region, I reflect on the trip Amazon CARES completed in June and July of 2010. It seems like yesterday! Along with our French and Peruvian volunteers, we rescued various dogs that we named, and we became attached to them. Anita Soluna, an American woman doing much medical volunteer work in the region rescued two dogs from the jungle, and Nicolla Kopp of Holland rescued a delightful cocker spaniel mix from the Port of Bella Vista Nanay.

Now that I am back, I can finally answer the many questions of "Whatever happened to...?" And in this instance, pictures are worth more than words. I will continue this series with photos of Sheena and Olvi and Romaine and more!

Inez, two months ago.

Inez, almost completely recovered

Jessica, extremely shy at time of her rescue.

Jessica almost recovered.

As always, your donations and support enable us to continue rescuing animals like these, who will surely be adopted due to their happy personalities. Check out our brand spanking new website at http://amazoncares.org/. Become a Supporting Member for $25 and receive a beautiful 2011 wall calendar (a $15 value, plus no shipping costs!) and more goodies!


  1. Oh, we are so glad to see Jessica and Inez doing so much better. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing!

  2. Look at dog Jessica that I have rescued in Iquitos in July (before/after pics) and convince yourself of the wonderful work AMAZON CARES does on the animals of our planet!!!!! THANKS!


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