October 17, 2010

Walking Dirt Paths for Animals

Our volunteers have arrived. This is an international team, including a former volunter Dr. Barbara Bennett.  She is accompanied by Judith (USA), Katherine (Scotland), Lisa (Wales), and Gabriella (Spain).  The trip has been organized in part by Dr. Bennett and also the Worldwide Veterinary Service.  We´ll begin a very arduous week of work in Iquitos starting Monday, October 18, 2010 and another week of veterinary clinics in jungle villages from October 22-29, 2010.  Yesterday, Saturday, October 16, a few of us decided to get out and start working ahead of schedule.  This is how we found ourselves walking the dusty paths and dirt roads of Los Malvinas, a very poor area of town.
I felt like the town crier, calling out "Tratamientos gratis.  Veterinarias aqui!" which means "Free treatments.  Veterinarians are here!"

We walked down dirt paths to dirt roads calling out to people with pets.  People were wary at first, but soon a crowd of children followed our every step.  Barbara had purchased a luggage scale and she and Judith practiced weighing the dogs and cats in a sling to determine the proper dosage of medicine.  I did my best to carry gear, have syringes at the ready, and speak to pet owners about our treatments and upcoming mobile clinics in a nearby neighborhood.

The short video below presents a slice of the action!  Enjoy.

If you are interested in being an Amazon CARES volunteer in Peru, please check our schedule of upcoming trips.

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