October 7, 2010

The Story of Olvi

In July of 2010, a dog was abandoned in a village 45 miles from Iquitos where she was noticed by a team of American and Peruvian doctors, nurses, and educators. After some detective work, it was discovered that the animal simply been dumped from a boat from people who lived some distance from the village, and who then returned to their homes.
The dog was emaciated – literally skin and bones. It was hard to imagine that such a skeletal specimen had ever been healthy enough to get pregnant, but her prolapsed uterus told the story of childbirth, and puppies gone who-knows-where. She trembled where she lay; her open sores buzzed with flies, and fleas leapt and capered, visible to the naked eye on her sparsely furred skin.
One member of the team fed her, and after several days, her strength slowly began to return. However, her extreme weakness made it apparent that if she was to survive, half measures would not suffice: she needed to be rescued. Unfortunately, the team had to leave the village, with plans to return again in a couple of days. Food was left with the village children who promised to care for the dog. One of the team members had heard of Amazon CARES, and contacted it to obtain a crate for her rescue.
When the team returned to the village, the dog was sitting in the same spot, looking expectantly toward the river. She immediately came to the team members when they approached. She was crated, and she spent the next four hours snoozing on the boat ride out of the jungle and into Iquitos.
She was met with open arms at Amazon CARES where she was christened “Olvi.”
Olvi because she was una olvidada, a forgotten one.
Olvi because she is inolvidable - unforgettable.

The effort was so worth it. I can't believe the change. Aren't food, medical care and love grand?!!!
- Doctor involved in Olvi's initial rescue
A special "thank you" to Anita Soluna for sharing her story and "before" photo with us, as well as for saving Olvi's life!

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  1. So good to hear that Olvi was saved! What a sweet girl.


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