July 28, 2010

A time to beg, a time to thank...

On July 18 I published a blog entitled Rescued Dogs in Need.  Please Do Not Turn Away.  It is rare for me to publish a blog that so blatantly asks for donations.   However, with our veterinary campaigns ongoing, we are rescuing more dogs than usual, and I wanted to show people the FACE of these needy animals.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH to several Donors that didn´t think twice about supporting us in our desire to save these three dogs.  They are Candy Benedicto, Lesa Steeves, Christina Walsh and Stacey Tollackson.  Thank you for your generosity.  Two of these benefactors are featured below.

Carol "Candy" Benedicto
Carol "Candy" Benedicto has been a benefactor of CARES for many years. We even named one of our beautiful rescue dogs, now with a forever family, after her. Carol grew up in Manila, went to college at Cal Berkeley and Parsons, and law school at Fordham. She resides in New York City, where she is a designer and a legal editor. She started supporting CARES after coming across photos of our work and the many animals we help. "I've only known love from the dogs I've been lucky to meet in this life, so it's always a heartbreak when I see dogs suffering. When I learned about Amazon Cares, its mission, and its work in Iquitos, I couldn't just turn away. I continue to support CARES not only to help the animals, but to thank people like Molly and her staff for their work -- they show the world that respect for animals and a commitment to their welfare are not only the right things to do, but are essential to a healthy community."

Lesa Steeves

Lesa Steeves has also rescued and had a specific dog named for her (and since adopted!).  Like Carol, she is a longtime supporter of CARES.  She adores her Peruvian Pasos She adores her Peruvian Paso Horses, the National pride of Peru. She's travelled extensively in Peru and has seen first hand the animal welfare concerns in the country. She feel it's important that CARES is helping in the Iquitos area where there used to be no voice for animals at all before CARES started their organization.

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