June 26, 2010

Yvonne Divita Highlights Documentary Fixing Fido!

Thank you to Yvonne DiVita for writing this great article, originally posted on Scratchings and Sniffings.

A few days ago I wrote about Amazon Cares, a fantastic group working to care for all living being in the Peruvian Amazon region. As anyone who regularly reads this blog knows, we are in favor of better health for all - but especially for the least among us: our dear anipals and pets.

Well, Amazon Cares is affiliated with a group called Fixing Fido - A Feature Film about Man's Best Friend. WARNING: Some images may be and should be disturbing to view!

From the site:
"The stench of garbage, meat and fish overpower the air at the Belen meat market alongside the rising waters of the Amazon. River. Barefoot children crowd the streets helping their families sell their wares.

"Dr. Jeff Werber threads his way through the dust, refuse, and crowds, cradling a mange infected dog. Dr. Jeff is returning the dog to it's "home" on the streets of Belen hours after performing a vital neuter surgery and vaccinating against deadly diseases."

This group is "scouring the globe" to spend time researching the issue of street dog overpopulation. They are also looking at the "complex" relationship between man and dog - asking the important question: is dog man's best friend? If so...are we returning the favor?

Is there hope in your heart for this cause? Are dogs man's best friend, truly? Can we all see the need to help this cause? Please participate - if you cannot donate, please share the message.

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