June 3, 2010

Embrace Pet Insurance Gives Back...thanks to BlogPaws!

Embrace Pet Insurance Gives Back.

Written by Kelly Biegle

Our gratitude goes out to Embrace Pet Insurance following their wonderful donation of needed veterinary supplies for use in the Peruvian Amazon.  Jan Ols of Embrace sent three boxes of supply kits with much needed veterinary supplies.  These supplies are now  headed to Peru. The shipments included suture materials, hypodermic needles, syringes, and much more.  All items are sterile, new and came in a large assortment of sizes.

Our veterinary clinic staff in Iquitos will be ecstatic to receive the supplies that will directly supplement the services provided there. Emergency veterinary support, care of abandoned animals, and pet care for underprivileged families are provided at the clinic. The Embrace Pet Insurance contribution will enable the facility to more readily provide these services to the local community. 

Additionally, the supplies will be used in multiple mobile spay and neuter clinics which are primarily for street animals and pets of underprivileged families. These mobile clinics often travel to remote jungle areas that have no access to even minor veterinary care.

Each vet trip and campaign is an extreme financial strain on CARES, often depleting finances by 80%.  One manner that Amazon CARES can recoup costs is by working with donated materials, such as the much needed ones donated by Embrace! We have valued their generous donation at over $1,100! 

Embrace Pet Insurance likes to go by the saying "A house is not a home without a pet". Not only does Embrace run as a "green" company but they donate $2 for every policy sold. We are honored to be working closely with Embrace because of our complete agreement with their mission. The company is environmentally friendly and gives back to the pet community (we love this)!

The donation came about when company co-founder, Laura Bennett, met Amazon CARES founder, Molly Mednikow at the Blog Paws  pet blogging conference in Columbus, OH during April, 2010.  Although the two did not know each other long, Ms. Bennett immediately volunteered to help Amazon CARES, and the CARES organization, along with many animals in Peru, will benefit greatly from the generosity of Embrace, who has already made plans to send more supplies!

In yet another act of generosity and support, Embrace Pet Insurance is offering a 5% discount on their pet health insurance policies to those that purchase through the Amazon CARES link below!!

More things we LOVE about the Embrace Pet Insurance website!
  • Visit their Pet Health Center with health information, articles and resources!
  • Join their Online Pet Community which offers discounts to many pet-related businesses', forums, contest, freebies and more!
  • A blog!  The only pet insurance company I could find with a blog that is not ALL ABOUT THEM!

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