May 10, 2010

Flood Puppies Get New Home From CGI!

CARES would like to extend its gratitude to CGI Technology and Solutions, Inc - US Enterprise Markets for an incredibly generous donation of $500. As part of their Business Unit Philanthropic Giving Program, CGI has chosen CARES as the recipient of funds. The charitable giving request was submitted by Ron Martins.

The BU Philanthropic Giving Council received many charitable giving requests from employees company-wide. The charitable giving program was established to invest in an organization with which CGI can make an impact and develop a long-term relationship. Employees who feel passionately about a cause can submit suggestions. The council then votes in order to allocate the donations appropriately. CARES was chosen in March 2010 because of the submission by Mr. Martins. CARES will be revisited each month and more funding will be appropriated as the budget allows. CARES looks forward to working and growing with CGI.

According to Mr. Martins, the Charitable Giving Request program is a rewarding opportunity for employees to share their philanthropic passions to an organization for which they feel strongly. Additionally, CGI revels the opportunity to invest in organizations that are making a difference.

CARES, with no shortage of need for these funds, has decided to rebuild the puppy corral which was destroyed during the April 2009 flooding at the Cabo Lopez facility. Much of the facility was destroyed by more than three meters of flood waters due to its location along the tributaries of the Amazon. The temporary shelter, which was built initially after the flood, will now be reconstructed. Recovery has proven slow but because of generous donors like CGI, much of what once stood has been rebuilt.

The former puppy corral was not in good shape prior to the flooding.  As one can see from the picture above, the puppies stood on crates or wood to stay off of a damp, muddy floor.

In the picture to the left is a portion of the shelter that has been rebuilt.  The new puppy corral will include a dry, cement floor, as well as a grassy play space and dry, comfortable sleeping quarters with a laminate roof instead of a leaky, grass roof (see picture on right)!  The shelter puppies, are abandoned or born to pregnant mothers that we rescue.

In Peru, every dollar can be stretched a long way. Thanks to the generous donation of CGI, the puppy corral will get underway this month, May 2010. The estimated date for completion of the new permanent corral is June 2010. Pictures will be posted of the corral as construction gets underway.

Bottom picture:  Dogs being evacuated in foot.  This picture was taken a mile from the actual refuge, where water reached to levels as high as 3 feet!

Special Thanks to Ron Martins and Megan Bishop for making this needed grant a reality.

Thank you to volunteer Kelly Beigle of Arlington, Virginia for researching and writing this article


  1. Great news, so glad you all will be able to help all those pups who need you!

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