April 17, 2010

Reaching out to the Hispanic Community: How I can "Be the Change"

For the past several days I have been blogging about the first ever pet blogging conference, Blog Paws 2010, held in Columbus, Ohio.

I have finally had my inspiration as to how I can uniquely contribute to the Be the Change Challenge!  On April 16th attendees of Blog Paws and many more blogged about ways they would support http://www.petswithoutparents.net.  My initial idea, to donate my Birthday Wish to this worthy cause was not possible because Pets Without Parents doesn't have a "Cause Page" on Facebook.  However, they ARE on Facebook, and follow them here.  So here is my idea, a unique form of reaching new donors.  I am going to reach out to my Spanish speaking community, many of whom reside in the US.  I will do this through @CARESinSpanish on Twitter, our Spanish newsgroup on Yahoo which is very active, and by promoting the challenge on our less active Spanish blog.  I will have to translate some documents to get this underway, but Be The Change should continue...  So let's see what happens when I reach out to a new community of possible Donors.  I believe I am the only Blog Paws attendee in this unique position.  So here goes....!

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  1. What a great way to help bring to cause to more people. Good luck with your endeavor.



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