December 15, 2009

Vet Barbara Bennett to continue "working" for CARES!

For many years I had wanted to do volunteer veterinary work but was severely restricted by time and the pressures of running my own veterinary practice. Having finally sold up and semi-retired 18 months ago,  an advert appeared through my locum agency for a spey-neuter program in the Amazon basin in Peru.  I grabbed the opportunity with both hands! It has in many ways exceeded my expectations of fulfillment and reward although I realise that what we are doing is a mere drop in the ocean of want; it is sorely needed. At least a few less of these animals will be reproducing at an alarming rate, spreading disease amongst themselves and their owners. Besides the fact that this is a fascinating and wonderfully biodiverse area, the whole package has made for a travel experience that is entirely unique. I plan to continue assisting Amazon CARES with their protocols and volunteer selection and I intend to return for more!

Barbara, pictured at "Monkey Island," is photographed by Anthon Cauper.

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