November 3, 2009

The One-Eyed Cat!

Note:  I am writing this blog on November 2, 2009, but trying to maintain a chronological order of events.

October 25, Iquitos, Peru by Molly Mednikow

In the previous blog posting I wrote about Sabrina, an emergency patient that prevented the Sky1 Film Crew from departing on our jungle boat by one day.  Sabrina was not the only emergency on the 25th. 

Carolien found a cat in the Port of Bella Vista Nanay, and immediately noticed that one eye was filled with pus.  Upon closer examination, she discovered the cat's eye was missing.  She brought the cat back to the clinic where Luke performed surgery and discovered that the cat was also missing his eye socket and cheekbone.  We do not know what happened, but apparently the cat had suffered a large bite to a large portion of his face. 
On the 25th, the cat had scratched at his own wounds, so Luke had to stitch him up again.  This cat, as yet unnamed (we are seeking a sponsor to name him), has really developed a loving personality in a very short time.  He is doing fine and is very friendly.  It will be difficult to find a home for him, I fear, but we will do our best!


  1. Oh, what an ugly looking wound. We're so glad you are caring for him and we sure hope you find him a loving home. Sounds like he deserves one.

  2. good one again Luke! xxx

  3. Thank you for caring for this cat. I hope that he has found a good home by now.


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