October 17, 2009

Vet Teams Arriving in Iquitos!

I am trying to provide as many real-time updates as possible, so keep up with us at www.twitter.com/amazoncares or on our Twitter feed on the home page of www.amazoncares.org.   by Molly Mednikow, Executive Director, Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety

October 16, 2009, Iquitos, Peru:

Due to a flight delay I arrived today.  So did Veterinary Nurse Carolien Grim from Amsterdam, Holland.  It didn´t make sense from a transport and time standpoint to sleep at Cabo Lopez, the jungle facility, so I stayed above the vet clinic and we put Carolien in a nice hostal across the street.  When we arrived at the in-town CARES vet clinic in town there was a flurry of activity!   Following through on one of our goals, our Vets were hosting a Veterinarian from Lima, Peru who demonstrated new equipment and the attending  Veterinarians all got to observe wildlife veterinary work on an exotic bird with a tumor on his foot.

Caroline worked with our wonderful Vet Nurse, Behtjane, to prepare materials for our mobile spay/neuter clinic on Monday.  Many of the materials were great items brought by Carolien.  Like me, she had more animal supplies in her suitcase than personal items!

October 17, 2009, Iquitos, Peru: 

Welcome to two more Vet Nurses today!  They  graciously agreed to write about themselves, and I am going to post these in a new blog post!

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