October 19, 2009

Monkeys, Dogs and Pigs?

October 18, 2009 by Molly Mednikow

We have four volunteers here!  Maria Faena arrived from Italy and Naima Collins arrived from the UK.  Naima and Maria arrived Saturday and we had time to visit the clinic and mak introductions before heading to our jungle facility, Cabo Lopez, by boat.  On Sunday, a day that NOBODY works, I always feel lucky to have dedicated shelter employees that come in to help the animals.  The five of us ventured out to the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm and Animal Orphange.  The Orphanage was named an Official Center of Custody for rescued animals in 2004, the same year that CARES came into being!

After a very long, hot walk in the sun, we arrived and were greeted by a resident!  We locked up our belongings as one Capuchin Monkey had been trained as a skilled pickpocket!

We learned many interesting facts about butterflys as well, including the common Peruvian myth that butterflys come from flowers.  Thus, many Peruvians kill large catepillars thinking they are ugly worms.  This is causing early extinction for some of the most beautiful species.

October 19, 2009 by Molly Mednikow

We have a very hardworking team here!  I now realize it would be impossible for me to keep the blog up-to-date daily!  Two Veterinarians took a cargo ship to Iquitos, and as I could easily predict, they are arriving 4-5 days late.  It throws us short of Veterinarians and leaves the Vet Nurses without enough to do.  Yet, we are still accomplishing a lot!  Today we brought in ill street dogs and 1 cat, and conducted 10 surgeries in a 3.5 hour period!  We returned to Cabo Lopez for a delicious dinner cooked by Marlena, who also lives on the property and is 8 months pregnant!  She is a wonderful chef and handles vegans, vegetarians, non-dairy eaters with ease.  After two rounds of Twenty Questions, which I do not seem to have a natural talent for playing, we retired.  Maria took this photo of Carolien underneath her mosquito netting,

Today is our first BIG mobile clinic campaign above the Belen Meat Market.   See what this entails by watching the professional short video featuring Actor Andrew Keegan at http://bit.ly/44kqet.   Late Monday afternoon, a representative from the Belen municipality arrived to tell Bruno, the coordinator, of some problems.  Despite having signed an agreement days ago, Belen was already renegging on certain items!  Our location had been designated already!  Officials were taking tougher stands on the illegal wildlife trade, which could not make us happier.  However, they had taken over our surgery space and filled it with...PIGS!  We're off and we'll see what happens!

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