September 7, 2009

World Woof Tours to Hit the Amazon!

Oscar, of World Woof Tours, is a dog of mixed breed, who since his rescue, travels the planet visiting organizations that help homeless dogs. Though he now calls South Africa home, he will be spending many days away from home in order to fulfill a vow he made to help other shelter dogs find homes of their own if he was ever so luck to find one himself. He is making good on his promise, sponsoring one shelter dog at each organization, over 60 this year. In Oscar's own words, his goal is
" support, uplift, encourage and better the life for dogs in their districts. Together, we are going to create exciting and interesting events to draw positive attention for dog adoption with the global goal of getting doors opening for dogs. With your support of my Mighty Mutt Mission, we can save lives and give a dog a home, sweet bone."
Oscar will be visiting Peru November 22nd through December 1st, where his itinerary includes the following:
Barking up the right heart:
1: Oscar buckles up with members of the media, volunteers and adoptable dogs from the Associacion Amigos de los Animales's for a public 'Do Adopt A Dog' awareness campaign through the lanes of Lima on board the best woofing bus in town!

2: Oscar joins Amazon CARES –the only welfare organization working within the Amazon region of Peru! Oscar hits the streets with the Amazon Cares team to promote much needed Woof Welfare awareness.

3: Oscar takes a cruise down the Amazon and discusses Woof Welfare with indigenous communities like that of the Peurto Miguel Village.

Pant of Interest: Machu picchu: Oscar unravels the secrets of the Inca Trail without the yelp of a lama!

The Treat: Oscar on board The Aqua for an expedition to remember!

Yap Snap: Oscar posing with the Inca people in their traditional polleras. Brightly colored collars invited...

Check back here for more info about Oscar's upcoming visit with Amazon CARES.


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