September 24, 2009

Recovering from the Flood...still

Perhaps you recall blog entries (below) about the devastating flood that destroyed our animal shelter earlier in 2009. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation came to our aid. However, before receiving any grant money we had to have many projects planned out, including medicine budgets for 3-4 Veterinary Volunteer trips to be held before the end of 2009.

Their generous grant would help rebuild some of the shelter, but did not fund any repairs on the volunteer housing located there or the “maloca,” a multi-use screened in hut for mobile clinics and humane education classes. These necessary buildings are coming along much more slowly. However, I am proud to announce that the animal shelter is nearly complete. We finally began to re-locate animals into the shelter this week.

The reality is that we are located in the most remote area of the world. No roads lead to the Amazon, and especially to where our jungle property is located! Building materials are very expensive, and transportation issues to our small port or muddy dirt paths add can double the cost!

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