August 19, 2009

Good News for Esteban (Chapter 3)

Poor Esteban came to Amazon CARES with multiple health issues.
Though he was near death that day, he ate eagerly while vets awaited his lab results. He wasn't giving up. And neither did supporters of Amazon CARES. Thank you so much for your donations. They have done so much to help poor Esteban. Your sponsorship has gone a long way toward helping him get the care and medications he required.

Esteban in for a checkup with new owner, Cesar Bardales

His treatment is ongoing, but as previously reported, he is regaining his health. He gives and receives affection freely, and is a very well-mannered pet who loves children. But, here's the BIG NEWS: Esteban has been adopted!

Esteban recently came in to the clinic for a check-up, a bath, and to be neutered. During surgery, his tumors were removed. His chemotherapy will continue for a short while longer. Here, you see Esteban with his delighted new owner, his Lupine collar and leash, and his own bag of Pedigree. Lupine and Pedigree are both supporters of Amazon CARES.

More pics of Esteban...

Esteban undergoes surgery --- Check up and a bath --- Esteban lookin' good!

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