July 5, 2009

As He Lay Dying . . .Esteban is regaining his health! (Chapter 2)

Esteban has been doing very well since his rescue. The transformation in neglected rescue dogs is always an amazing site to see. This heartwarming transformation never ceases to bring great joy, despite the miles. Whereas the Peru staff is used to the experience of seeing progress every day of a rescue dog’s recovery, I can witness and be inspired by the story in photographs.

Anyone that has ever rescued a very ill or abused animal knows the capacity of these animals to forgive. Humans could learn some important lessons from animals!

In a prior blog entry we discussed Esteban. That was five weeks ago. His condition was very dire, and thank you to those that rose to the occasion and helped Esteban survive. Of course, we never know the EXACT reason that prompts a donor to support the meaningful work of Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety.
However, we do want to thank the following supporters that made it clear their donations were specifically for Esteban: Michael T. Tiedemann, Jean Lowery, Ellen Waggoner, Manuela

The following photos can demonstrate his progress more than anything else.

Esteban at three weeks recovery.
Notice that tail wagging!

5 weeks:
With Dr. Esther Peña,
Dir. Amazon CARES Perú

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