June 19, 2009

Fairy Tales Do Come True

This is the most pitiful photograph, taken when I first decided to remain in Perú and take care of a collection of animals that needed me, but before I had actually rented space, without really thinking, because I had run out of space to keep my motley crew of dogs!
A typical rescue dog / Un perro típico de rescate Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety didn't come out of any plan for the future. It just happened. If you can get some charity leaders to admit it, they may have similar stories.

I had responsibilities in the US. I owned a business with 16 employees and a lease and retail space and clients and a house.... None of that ever made me happier than sitting in the hot sun, ruining my complexion, while providing love to a dog that had almost walked toward the proverbial light.

Turned out it was easy to rid myself of the worldly things, and that is how Amazon CARES became a reality!

This picture has always disturbed me. It is always in the top of the stats on the Amazon Cares Flickr account. For years I have felt pained when looking into this dogs sad eyes, knowing I did not save her.

But the other day I had a brain spark. I saw another picture and I flashed on this one. She was saved! While I traveled to the US to handle some matters, my employees had saved her. When I returned to our make-shift shelter I met a dog named Fresia.

Only yesterday did I put the names together. I created a collage, and it was only AFTER finishing a "happy ending" style collage that I recalled this picture.

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