May 20, 2009

A Tourist Adopts a Street Dog in Need.

Minute Poll: What does his name, Wishtin, mean?

Wishtin, is a street dog. He is about 1.5 years old. His owners abandoned him on the Iquitos Boulevard one year ago, because he was very ill. Since being abandoned, Wishtin walked the streets searching for food and shelter from the frequent rain and extreme heat of Iquitos.

Because of Wishtin’s illness, people feared becoming infected. According to street vendors and children working near the Boulevard, many people abused Wishtin.

A kind woman, Pamela, encountered Wishtin. After a year of extreme hardship, Wishtin had finally encountered a friend that extended a hand and offered him food and shelter. Pamela is captivated by this helpless creature who has been living on the streets a long time. Despite his suffering, Wishtin is kind and loving, a demonstration of the unconditional love that dogs offer to human beings.

That is how Wishtin came to Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety. Following several laboratory tests, he was diagnosed with chronic malnutrition, internal parasites, external parasites (follicular mange or red mange). These conditions reduce Wishtin’s immunity system, which causes a high genetic predisposition to develop scabies.

Minute Poll: What does his name, Wishtin, mean?

Treatment for Wishtin will last at least 3 months. During the first three weeks, Wishtin must remain in the clinic so Veterinarian Esther Peña can oversee a strict medication and diet regimen.

We were very concerned about finding a home for Wishtin. He needs to be re-integrated into society with a family that wants him and will respect him and provide him with security. All living beings deserve these things. Veterinarian Peña soon found a place where Wishtin could live. A young animal lover wants to have a companion. Pamela and this young man both visit Wishtin daily. They take him out for walks that Wishtin enjoys very much.

Pamela has thought long and hard about Wishtin. She decided that despite being a tourist in Iquitos, she would take Wishtin to live in her country within a few months when he is completely recuperated. At that time, he will depart Iquitos to go live with his “forever family.” The young man will foster Wishtin in the meantime.

Translated from Spanish by Molly Mednikow. Originally posted on our Spanish forum by Veterianarian Esther Peña.

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