May 10, 2009

Flooding endangers animal lives as well.

By Ana Garcia

Dogs are as well in danger with the river overflowing!!!

The situation is worse every day. The overflow of the river has gotten to its record, and the flood is disrupting the city for several weeks now.

Many of the people are desperate, their houses are flooded up to 3 meters high, and in addition, the population of mosquitos is increasing, and this is bad for humans health. The bridges that connects the population to the city are not secure, a frustration that parents have to live with every day, when their kids are off to school every morning.

This situation is bad for the people, but lets not forget the animals, who cannot speak and ask help from the authorities. The animals that are under our care are also in danger. The shelter is located at the margin of the Itaya Margin, for us to get to the shelter; we have 2 possibilities: by water or land; but by land almost everything is flooded, the team of Amazon Cares has to put all of our energy everyday to bring food and love to all the dogs (30) that are waiting in the shelter to be adopted.

We have already spread the word around Iquitos:

Help us by adopting a dog, or at least help us re-locate them until everything returns to normal.

Here we are, hoping that everything will be back to normal soon.

Thank you Ana Garcia for translating this post into English.

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