April 17, 2009

Please Save Our No-Kill Animal Shelter!

An urgent plea from Amazon CARES Director, Molly Mednikow

I do not like asking, and especially begging for money. I empathize with everyone, and I, personally, and Amazon CARES, have cut costs in every way possible, as we continue to look for more ways to save money.

However, the following images of our jungle facility at Cabo Lopez broke my heart.

Our beautiful shelter, a source of great pride for me, is falling apart. The rainy season has been hard on our shelter, made from natural materials. Please take a moment to watch this short PowerPoint slide show that downloads in seconds. See for yourself: The presentation was arranged by a non-native English speaker. However, I am sure you will understand what his words mean, and please help us with your any donation amount you can spare. Please Download and watch Current Status of the Amazon CARES shelter in Perú.

The shelter in better days:

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