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February 3, 2011

Join the Harveys on their Volunteer Journey to the Amazon!

Nicole and Jack Harvey are two of the volunteers that will be joining Amazon Community Animal Rescue in Peru for two weeks this April.   It will be an exciting journey, and we'd like to introduce our soon-to-be guests and fellow workers! This is our first trip that combines an eco-tourism component with a rigorous work schedule.  See the itinerary.
You can be a part of their amazing journey.   Please visit The Ruff Road Ahead, the website created to raise funds for their expedition; any contribution is gratefully accepted!

Nicole, or Nikka as many know her, developed her love for animals at an early age. As a child she used to bandage her healthy pups and nurse them "back to health."  Her childhood household always teemed with animals, from cats to dogs, to wildlife such as injured and orphaned raccoons and squirrels that young Nikka rehabilitated.  As an adult, Nikka lived for a time in Taiwan where she saw countless numbers of street dogs, hungry for food and attention.  It broke her heart to see the neglect, the starvation, the abuse, and the needless suffering.  These are all common sights in the region where Amazon CARES works to create a better life for animals.