Amazon CARES focuses on humane education and the reduction of animal overpopulation through free spay/neuter clinics and street dog capture-sterilize-release programs. We have a veterinary clinic, a no-kill shelter, and a successful adoption program. We have also excelled in the area of animal assisted therapy. In addition to issues regarding domestic animals in the region, there are also concerns over the protection of wildlife. As such, we also provide environmental education that emphasizes the importance of leaving wildlife in its natural habitat.

Pet ownership in the Amazon is quite different from that in the USA. Pets are not pampered. Very few have collars or identification. A pet shop might carry food bowls for pets, but they are of the cheap plastic variety. When one’s life depends on survival, pets are not a priority.

Most don’t even have official owners who care for them on a regular basis. We call these free-roaming dogs, as they usually have a territory and often once belonged to a family that abandoned them or moved away.