We raise awareness of animal, public health, and environmental issues through humane education for adults and students. We work with disabled children through an assisted animal therapy program. In recent years, we have motivated people in the community to march for World Animal Day and to participate in activities for World Spay Day, World Rabies Day, and much more. 

Public Health
Some of the parasites that are common to dogs and cats in Peru can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, Amazon CARES has a comprehensive public health program. We regularly offer anti-parasite medications to pet owners, and during our mobile campaigns we will often work with local public health departments. We promote clean living conditions and regular grooming of pets to help prevent the transmission of pathogens and disease.

Amazon CARES hosts a variety of community events focused on animal health and welfare as well as public health. Events are held for World Animal Day, World Spay Day, World Rabies Day, and more. In addition, humane education programs are offered throughout the community for both children and adults. Mobile veterinary clinics are held frequently throughout the region.

Amazon CARES understands the importance of a partnership with local authorities. In 2012, Amazon CARES and the Bar Association in the province of Loreto, Peru signed an agreement regarding animal welfare. The agreement helps to strengthen and enforce current animal cruelty laws, as well as paving the way for future laws. Also in 2012, Amazon CARES helped to secure a landmark animal cruelty conviction, one of the first in the country.

Veterinary Clinic
Amazon CARES operates a full-service veterinary clinic that is open seven days per week from 8 am to 8 pm. The clinic is located in the center of Iquitos, Peru and provides lower cost veterinary care to clients. Two qualified small animal veterinarians work at the clinic.  International veterinary volunteers frequently volunteer at the clinic and in the community.