In addition to the items mentioned on our other pages, we have other goals and objectives, including:

  • Education of Iquitos residents in humane, responsible pet ownership, with special attention placed on the benefits of sterilization.
  • Sterilization of roaming and owned dogs and cats.
  • Provision of free or low-cost vaccination and parasite prevention treatments to improve the general quality of life among both street and owned dogs and cats.
  • Creation of a foster family network of people who are willing to open their homes to care for previously owned or dependent dogs while they are waiting to be adopted.  This will take time and patience to develop, but the foster families themselves will become powerful advocates for the ideals of responsible pet ownership, allowing for faster, encompassing changes in prevailing attitudes about pet welfare and care.
  • Utilization of our no-kill jungle shelter for dogs who are dependent upon humane care for survival until they can either be rehomed or find a permanent place with a foster family.