August 21, 2017

Fully Recovered, #RescueDog Gary is a Member of a Loving Family! #Adoption Follow-Up!

Gary is named in honor of donor Gary Flint.

Gary Defeated Mange!

In the April "Rainforest Update," Executive Director Manuela Rodrigues wrote of a very common ailment in Iquitos, Peru, mange:

Many, many street animals suffer from mange. This inflammatory disease is caused by parasitic mites, and it affects a huge portion of the homeless pet population in Peru. 

Mange is a common reason for pet abandonment and animal cruelty, as people do not understand that the illness is treatable, and suffering animals often scare people.

Dogs are more likely to contract it, but cats suffer too. The symptoms are miserable— and include skin lesions, intense itching, and fur loss. These lesions often become infected.  The disease is highly contagious, and some infestations affect the immune system, we’re serious about keeping mange to a minimum."  
Gary and his sister are best friends!

Gary's new home!
We follow-up on adoptions to ensure the well being of our beloved animals.  Check out Gary in his new home!

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety has opened our doors to animals since 2004!  You can help more animals like Gary with a donation of any size!


2018 Veterinary Trips are being planned NOW!  Contact for information! We are seeking licensed veterinarians!

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