July 14, 2017

Emergencies happen DAILY at Amazon CARES

Hey all!

Things have been CRAZY here at Amazon CARES in Iquitos. Executive Director Manuela has been in Peru overseeing the operation of our no-kill animal shelter and full service veterinary clinic, and we have never been busier with the number of cases coming in. We are also continuously running campaigns such as our anti-mange and deworming campaign happening NOW! 

The reality is that every day here, animals come through our doors extremely sick, malnourished, and neglected. 

Meet Linda (named in honor of an amazing supporter, Linda Kane), the incredibly cute pup pictured below. Manuela found her in critical condition while passing by at a gas station- the dog was pregnant, and was experiencing dystocia, or trouble giving birth. Looking around the gas station, people passed by this sweet girl like she was not even there; it's as if she was dumped there and forgotten. Recognizing that this was a medical emergency, Manuela was able to get out Linda to the Amazon CARES clinic for prompt treatment. 
Linda receiving treatment

Unfortunately, none of Linda's puppies survived, but because we found Linda when we did, we were able to spay her with no complications yesterday. She is doing well! She is receiving the TLC she deserves now. Without our help, Linda could have died that same day.

Linda at rescue time
Thanks to our organization, many people in the Iquitos community care about the well-being of animals, whether owned or street dogs or cats. As you can see, we still have a long way to go to ensure dogs like Linda don't suffer unnecessarily in broad daylight. 

With YOUR help, we can continue our mission stronger than ever, determined to make this small part of the world a better place for animals and making a BIG difference for Linda, and the long list of other animals now in loving, caring hands. 

THANK YOU for your wonderful support to make rescues like this successful. 

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