March 17, 2017

Animal Rescue: A Team Effort

On a daily basis, we are heartbroken by the amount of sick, homeless, and mistreated animals that we see and care for in our non-profit veterinary clinic and animal shelter in Iquitos, Peru. At the same time, we are filled with hope by the amazing compassion that comes from the community to help these animals in need.

The dog pictured here is "Aton", who was abandoned, poisoned, and left to die in the streets. A kind citizen found him and took him into his home. Aton was taken to our veterinary clinic, and Dr. Edwin Inga, our chief veterinarian, took charge of his case and ensured he was given the attention he needed for a smooth recovery. Now, Aton has regained his health, and is doing very well! He is living life to the fullest with his 
new, loving family. 

Rescues like these are a team effort from our organization, the community of Iquitos, and supporters like you. Aton's life was forever changed, like many other rescued animals that we've saved and rehomed to wonderful families. Please, make a donation of any amount to help animals in need like Aton! We rely 100% on your support and donations!   

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