March 31, 2017

A #SecondChance at Life: A Cat's Journey!

"Catigula" is a beautiful white cat that stole a tourist’s heart, Maria. She decided to take him to a vet due to he was in a very bad condition for a wound inside and out his mouth. He couldn’t eat and was very weak and in pain. The veterinarian at a local clinic in Iquitos saw Catigula and decided that it was the best to put him down. Maria decided to look for a second opinion and do anything possible to save his life.
She came to our clinic and after our veterinarians checked Catigula, they thought he had a chance to survive but he needed to go through a risky surgery. They decided to go ahead and the result was amazing! Catigula is not only eating, but now is a very healthy and loving cat living with a lovely family that will take great care of him and give the life he deserves.

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