February 26, 2017

"Adopt" A Rescue Animal From the Amazon

Named in honor of donor Andrea McCormack
Did you know that you can "adopt" your very own rescued dog or cat from Iquitos, Peru? ANYONE can become a guardian angel for animals rescued from the streets in terrible conditions by our organization, Amazon CARES. You can even name your chosen animal! Many people have chosen to donate to sponsor an animal in need in honor of a loved one- what a wonderful way to honor another person or beloved pet by giving the gift of life to another animal.

Named in honor of  Peggy Frezon

Sign up to sponsor your very own rescue animal here: bit.ly/HELPPLS, and simply mention a name for an animal you'd like to rescue, and then you will receive a beautiful certificate by email! We ask that you donate $25 or more to sponsor a rescued animal.

Join us in providing life-saving veterinary care to animals who deserve our help.

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