January 11, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: Laura's #Rescue Story: An AMAZING #Transformation!

This is Laura before rescue- emaciated and in pain.
Remember Laura? She's a former street dog that was found living under a trailer in the streets of Iquitos, Peru. She was starving and suffering with painful sores and an infestation of mites on her skin. Nearly all her fur was gone. Our wonderful supporter, Laura Lee, found street dog "Laura" and was able to get in touch with Amazon CARES to rescue her. Read Laura's rescue story here!

President & Exec. Dir., Manuela, with Laura.
Laura has been with us since October, receiving proper care, treatment, and lots of cuddles in our Iquitos veterinary clinic.
Just take a look at Laura's recent photos below- she is GORGEOUS! Her skin is healed, and her hair is completely grown back. Laura's pain is gone, and she deserves all the love in the world. 

Laura with Dr. Edwin.

Pretty soon, Laura is going to ready for adoption, and ready to meet a family to spend the rest of her life with as a happy, healthy, loving pup!
You can imagine the amount of resources that are needed to rescue and rehabilitate animals in rough shape and sad conditions like Laura. Amazon CARES is dedicated to helping every animal that comes through our doors, period.

Laura's amazing transformation.
Don't forget about our Matching Challenge for the month of January! Without your support, Amazon CARES would not be able to function in any capacity. We rely on your donations for our very existence. Our small team is determined and resourceful, but these qualities will only take us so far when homeless, needy animals are in abundance and money is scarce. EVERY DONATION WILL BE MATCHED up until January 31st! Our goal is to raise at least $1690 more in order to have $2500 in January donations matched to $5,000! This would mean a total amount of $10,000 could be raised for our small non-profit organization- this would be HUGE for us!  How amazing would it be to kick off 2017 by reaching this new and exciting goal? Help us to continue growing our organization, helping animals that need us. Consider donating HERE

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