January 2, 2017

A Gift that Lives On Brings Joy and a Big Smile to the Recipient!

Ellen didn’t have a safe place when she went into labor. She gave birth to 8 puppies on the street on October 2, 2016. Despite her attempts to protect her brood, two puppies crawled away, just far enough to be hit by a passing motocar. We rescued Ellen and her 6 remaining puppies on October 3rd.

Like any new Mom, Ellen was exhausted. But she was very thirsty and hungry. She recovered quickly under the watchful eyes of our staff, and she never stopped caring for her puppies! After two months, the puppies were strong enough to be adopted. Through careful screening process, we found good homes for all six pups! Many donors sponsor a rescue pet in honor of a loved one. In this case, a donor from the US chose to pay tribute to her mentor, Russ. We named the puppy Russ, and the human Russ wrote a nice note stating that the picture put a big smile on his face!  We hear this often… sometimes a generous, yet humble gesture can bring such joy. Rescuing an animal in honor or in memory of a lost pet is a unique and ongoing gift of love. 

Little Russ was adopted on November 5th. Please donate $25+ to "sponsor" a rescue at http://bit.ly/HolidayMatchingChallenge. Mention a name for the animal you want as a tribute gift, and then, we will email you a beautiful Certificate! At times, a person has named a rescue animal in memory of a beloved pet that has passed away. Grieving pet owners are always very touched and grateful to know that their pet lives on across the world... that their pet saved another life. 
Great news-- ALL donations are being matched until January 31! Thanks to everyone who joined our fundraising team and/or have donated-- With your support, we reached our initial goal!

In 2004, Amazon CARES started as a charity involved in large-scale spay-neuter campaigns. Since then we have fixed over 50,000 dogs and cats. Despite these efforts, the stray population is never under control. This is why one can see our Facebook pages flooded with pictures of kittens and puppies. Luckily, these animals find homes quickly, even as we try to promote the adoption of our older animals living at our no-kill shelter 30 minutes away from the city.

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  1. Congrats on all your efforts on behalf of animals, and congrats to Russ Mead!


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