December 14, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: The Momma Dog Under the Floorboards

We find stray animals in the craziest of places here in Iquitos, Peru. Back in May, we actually were called out to rescue a momma dog and her puppies that were living in the floorboards of a building...

The momma and pups were discovered under these floorboards,
A good Samaritan heard the sound of puppies squealing as they passed by, and discovered a momma dog that had given birth to three puppies underneath the floor. They called Amazon CARES right away. The momma dog, now named "Princesa", was an amazing mother who found shelter and took great care of her babies in their safe haven. We suspect that Princesa probably left her pups at night to scavenge for any scraps she could find to eat.

We were able to rescue and adopt all four animals.
When our team arrived to rescue them, the puppies were fearful, probably having never left the safe hiding place that mom had created for them. For animals living on the streets in Iquitos, human interaction can be a very negative experience, including being chased, yelled at, and abused. 
After Princesa and her three beautiful pups were rescued, we provided all the love and care they deserved to make them healthy and strong enough to all be adopted in to permanent forever homes.

All three of Princesa's pups!
We are filled with joy to have opportunities like this to save an animal life whenever we can, especially when we can get them out of the streets and into loving forever homes. We currently have a fundraiser set up specifically to help us pay for costs associated with the specialized care required for rescuing momma dogs and litters of puppies at Amazon CARES in Iquitos, Peru. Please help us reach our goal with a donation of any amount, to help us remain able to save lives. Donate HERE!

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