December 26, 2016

Pet Adoptions: Many Happy Endings!

Getting more animals adopted into wonderful forever homes means that we can have more space available for incoming animals that need our help. We love seeing animals that have had a "ruff" start to life with happy endings! 
Here's some awesome pictures of our most recent adoptions:

Brigida, in honor of Brigida Burnitt.
Kittens, Mel & Ashley being adopted
Kitten Mel, named after supporter Melissa Kelley, and kitten Ashley in memory of the pet of supporter Diane Lennon. And puppy Brigida named in honor of supporter Brigida Burnitt.

Below are pictures of kitten, Racelle, named in honor of supporter Racelle LaMar. Puppy Jaime, in honor of Dr. Jaime Tamez. Puppy David, in honor of David Forsythe. And puppy Randi in honor of Randi Andrews.
Chicho with his new family!
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