December 9, 2016

Now Showing in Theater One – Manuela Sees Her First Clinic Surgery!

Manuela with Dr. Edwin treating a patient.
Manuela's first hours at the bustling Amazon CARES veterinary clinic is a blur. In our prior blog she told us about pet owner's that received services at a “social cost.” There are many other clients to talk about, especially the ones that have adopted one of our rescue pets! But first Manuela needed to meet in person the amazing and energetic Amazon CARES team. She talks to them by phone, via chat or email every day, but they finally got to meet her face-to-face!
“I walked in during a surgery. I'm an animal rescuer, but I wasn't prepared for the sight of blood! I focused on the case at hand" - Manuela said.
Vet Assistant, Harry, deworming puppies.
Amazon CARES is highly focused on spay/neuter surgery, as this is the best way to solve the overpopulation of animals in this isolated jungle town. Dr. Edwin was dealing with an emergency C-section. She was unable to give birth on her own, and Dr. Edwin determined to save both the dog and her puppies. “I didn't want to speak to him & distract him” Manuela said. She was fascinated to see him at work. “I recall videos of some of the earliest surgeries, back in 2004.” Manuela is referring to blurry videos taken when CARES was first established, before smartphones and social media. It was a time when vets didn't have vital items such as gloves or surgical masks. “It's certainly not as modern as where I take my pets in Florida, but I was pleasantly impressed by the cleanliness and attention to patient care.”
The mama dog survived, as did several of her puppies. She needed to recover, and I took over bottle feeding duty for the hungry puppies. While the vets cleaned up, the vet assistants were already taking in new consults. Luckily, not every case is an emergency case!

Manuela Rodrigues is the President and Director of Amazon CARES USA and Amazon CARES Peru.
Manuela with Clients and a Patient: A Cute Rabbit!
There are regular clients-- Those who support our mission every time they come to the clinic. They are the “VIP” clients.  They don't skip ahead of the line, but we are always thrilled to see them! They are the happy people that have taken one of our many rescue animals into their home! There are humble people who care for their pets, but cannot afford veterinary care. A multitude of good Samaritans who bring animals in need-  Abandoned litters, ill animals close to death, and many others cases. We never turn these animals away, although there is great financial strain in taking them in and as of now we have close to 100 animals under our care in the shelter and in the clinic. As the only legal animal charity and the only animal shelter (no-kill) in the region, people expect us to take in every single animal. This is also our desire, but we need your help. Please make a donation at - Whether you donate $5, $10 or $25 increments...any amount is important! Many people make a monthly pledge which helps us immensely!

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