December 23, 2016

Last Minute, Thoughtful Gift Idea From Amazon CARES!

In Honor of Supporter, David Forsythe
What do all these photos of our lovely rescue animals all have in common?

People have donated to help these animals at Amazon CARES, and have requested that their donation honors a loved one by naming them! This is an extremely easy and meaningful tribute or gift to someone that loves animals.

Donate here:, mention a name for the animal you want to rescue, and then, we will email you a beautiful Certificate! Please donate $25 or more to "sponsor" a rescue as a tribute gift!

In honor of Supporter and Sponsor, Leona De Boer.
Some people have asked us to name a rescue animal in memory of a beloved pet that has passed away. Grieving pet owners are always very touched and grateful to know that their pet lives on across the world in Iquitos, Peru...and that their pet saved another animal's life. 

In honor of Supporter, Vanessa Dreschler

We have a BIG challenge in the upcoming months! If YOU help us raise $2500 by Dec. 31, a generous, anonymous donor will MATCH the donation. And that's not all...If we reach our goal, ALL donations will be matched in January as well! Read more in our latest newsletter:
You play a role in the survival of Amazon CARES 501c3 animal rescue charity. We rely on your donations as a very small charity, yet many people still believe we are supported by retailer
Remember Amazon CARES is a legal and TOP-RATED 501c3 charity. Now is the time to maximize your 2016 tax-deductions, and save lives at the same time!

In honor of Andrea Vickers for her gift donation in honor of "Starr Brite", aka Tracy Anne Temple.

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