December 30, 2016

Holiday Matching Challenge & Manuela’s Visit to Peru!

Needy animals never take a holiday

The month of December is an extremely difficult time for dogs and cats living on the street. Money is tight, resources are scarce, and pet owners often leave town on extended vacations. Sadly, we’ve seen a huge increase in neglected, abused, and abandoned animals here at Amazon CARES in Peru.

The shelter and clinic are currently overflowing, and we've hit our all-time maximum capacity of 100 cats and dogs this month! Our dedicated veterinarians, clinic staff, and shelter volunteers work around the clock to ensure that no rescued animal is left untreated. Amazon CARES truly needs your support in December.

Thanks to a generous, anonymous donor, when you accept our Holiday Matching Challenge, we’re able to match your contribution for the rest of the month! If you donate today—or any day between now and December 31st—your gift will have double the impact on animals in the Amazon River Basin.
Yes, please match my gift today!

As you can see from the “Before and After” photos above, the expert treatment we provide at Amazon CARES is nothing less than life-changing for suffering dogs and cats who have lost all hope.

Will you be part of a miraculous “After” story for a dog like Nion, who was covered in sores and eating trash to survive? How about Laura, who was emaciated, riddled with parasites, and hours from death? Only our quick action and experience with extreme cases brought these two dogs — and countless other animals — back from the brink of disaster.

Since we started this journey in 2004, we’ve welcomed every homeless animal into our care, whether discovered on the street, relinquished by an owner, or abandoned on our doorstep. Despite our constant struggle to make ends meet, we will never turn away a creature in need.

By supporting Amazon CARES financially, you enable us to purchase life-saving supplies and resources, pay our hard-working staff a living wage, and educate the people in our community. You help us focus on our mission to rescue, treat, and find “forever homes” for the animals who pour into our shelter and clinic on a daily basis. You fill us with hope and gratitude.

As you enjoy the busy and festive holiday season with friends and family, please remember the creatures who desperately need your help to make it through another day. Whether your gift is large or small, it means the world to us! Thank you.

Our director pays a productive visit

Manuela Rodrigues isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. That said, she wasn't expecting to walk in on a canine surgery just moments after arriving at our vet clinic in Peru! Both the mama and several of her puppies survived the emergency C-section, and Manuela was vividly reminded of the crucial role our clinic plays in the lives of homeless dogs and cats. Read more about the first day of her productive visit on our blog.

As a former volunteer, staff member, and now the Executive Director of Amazon CARES, Manuela already spends every waking hour improving the lives of animals in the Amazon region. This important work typically takes place behind a desk, so she was excited to spend three full weeks “in the trenches” alongside the dedicated veterinarians, vet assistants, staff, and volunteers in our Iquitos shelter and clinic.

“I’m overjoyed to see the incredible dedication of our staff and the quality of care they’re offering to the community. So many people want to help their pets, but can't afford proper veterinary treatment,” Manuela points out. “Our vets are very well-trained in small animal care, and they are fully licensed, unlike many ‘pseudo-vets’ in the Amazon. Our expert services are free, and although we must charge for the medicines and materials we use, our customers pay only wholesale prices.”

During her visit, Manuela ensured that all systems were running smoothly, checked up on inventory and facility conditions, and confirmed that staff members were well-suited to their roles. And, as always, she made time to snuggle and play with some of our happy, healthy shelter residents.

Manuela will be paying regular visits to the Amazon in the months to come, but in the meantime, please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have about Amazon CARES, your donation, or our ongoing mission. She’d love to connect with you!
Double my gift for animals today!

Save lives while holiday shopping

Support Amazon CARES as you check off the gifts on your last-minute shopping list! Use our special link and Amazon Smile will make a small donation each time you purchase an item. Take a moment to visit this page and select us as your charity of choice!

As a reminder, Amazon CARES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA, and all of your donations are tax-deductible.

From the bottom of our hearts

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and interest in Amazon CARES. We wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season!

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