December 3, 2016

December Street Dog Campaign Kick-Off

A huge part of our mission at Amazon CARES is to provide veterinary care to as many stray and street animals in Iquitos, Peru as we possibly can. We focus on improving the health of the existing population through medical treatments, vaccination, and spaying/neutering to address overpopulation and prevent future litters from abandonment and and suffering in the streets. Scrolling through some of our previous blog posts, you can see that animals are brought to our clinic every day from the streets that are sick, malnourished, and infested with fleas, ticks, and mites. We encourage you to read last week's post from our supporter, Laura Lee, about some of the street animals she encountered while traveling through Iquitos.

In the month of December, Amazon CARES is launching our Street Dog Campaign. We will provide much needed veterinary care to at least 100 street dogs, in the memory of our dear friend, Bill Grimes, who sadly lost his life in Iquitos in a terrible storm this past summer.

Please support us in our efforts to make a small corner of the world a better place for animals to live!

Ours and Bill's friend, Tracy Temple, has kindly set up a fundraising page for this event. We are so fortunate to have met the original goal to get us started, but please consider making an additional donation to allow us to make an even bigger dent in helping the huge amount of animals currently living on the streets. You can DONATE HERE!

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