December 30, 2016

Holiday Matching Challenge & Manuela’s Visit to Peru!

Needy animals never take a holiday

The month of December is an extremely difficult time for dogs and cats living on the street. Money is tight, resources are scarce, and pet owners often leave town on extended vacations. Sadly, we’ve seen a huge increase in neglected, abused, and abandoned animals here at Amazon CARES in Peru.

The shelter and clinic are currently overflowing, and we've hit our all-time maximum capacity of 100 cats and dogs this month! Our dedicated veterinarians, clinic staff, and shelter volunteers work around the clock to ensure that no rescued animal is left untreated. Amazon CARES truly needs your support in December.

Thanks to a generous, anonymous donor, when you accept our Holiday Matching Challenge, we’re able to match your contribution for the rest of the month! If you donate today—or any day between now and December 31st—your gift will have double the impact on animals in the Amazon River Basin.
Yes, please match my gift today!

As you can see from the “Before and After” photos above, the expert treatment we provide at Amazon CARES is nothing less than life-changing for suffering dogs and cats who have lost all hope.

Will you be part of a miraculous “After” story for a dog like Nion, who was covered in sores and eating trash to survive? How about Laura, who was emaciated, riddled with parasites, and hours from death? Only our quick action and experience with extreme cases brought these two dogs — and countless other animals — back from the brink of disaster.

Since we started this journey in 2004, we’ve welcomed every homeless animal into our care, whether discovered on the street, relinquished by an owner, or abandoned on our doorstep. Despite our constant struggle to make ends meet, we will never turn away a creature in need.

By supporting Amazon CARES financially, you enable us to purchase life-saving supplies and resources, pay our hard-working staff a living wage, and educate the people in our community. You help us focus on our mission to rescue, treat, and find “forever homes” for the animals who pour into our shelter and clinic on a daily basis. You fill us with hope and gratitude.

As you enjoy the busy and festive holiday season with friends and family, please remember the creatures who desperately need your help to make it through another day. Whether your gift is large or small, it means the world to us! Thank you.

Our director pays a productive visit

Manuela Rodrigues isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. That said, she wasn't expecting to walk in on a canine surgery just moments after arriving at our vet clinic in Peru! Both the mama and several of her puppies survived the emergency C-section, and Manuela was vividly reminded of the crucial role our clinic plays in the lives of homeless dogs and cats. Read more about the first day of her productive visit on our blog.

As a former volunteer, staff member, and now the Executive Director of Amazon CARES, Manuela already spends every waking hour improving the lives of animals in the Amazon region. This important work typically takes place behind a desk, so she was excited to spend three full weeks “in the trenches” alongside the dedicated veterinarians, vet assistants, staff, and volunteers in our Iquitos shelter and clinic.

“I’m overjoyed to see the incredible dedication of our staff and the quality of care they’re offering to the community. So many people want to help their pets, but can't afford proper veterinary treatment,” Manuela points out. “Our vets are very well-trained in small animal care, and they are fully licensed, unlike many ‘pseudo-vets’ in the Amazon. Our expert services are free, and although we must charge for the medicines and materials we use, our customers pay only wholesale prices.”

During her visit, Manuela ensured that all systems were running smoothly, checked up on inventory and facility conditions, and confirmed that staff members were well-suited to their roles. And, as always, she made time to snuggle and play with some of our happy, healthy shelter residents.

Manuela will be paying regular visits to the Amazon in the months to come, but in the meantime, please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have about Amazon CARES, your donation, or our ongoing mission. She’d love to connect with you!
Double my gift for animals today!

Save lives while holiday shopping

Support Amazon CARES as you check off the gifts on your last-minute shopping list! Use our special link and Amazon Smile will make a small donation each time you purchase an item. Take a moment to visit this page and select us as your charity of choice!

As a reminder, Amazon CARES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA, and all of your donations are tax-deductible.

From the bottom of our hearts

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and interest in Amazon CARES. We wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season!

December 28, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: March for #AnimalWelfare

An important component of the Amazon CARES mission includes educating the public to increase awareness of animal welfare issues in Iquitos, Peru. Our team recently organized a "March Against Animal Abuse" right in the city's main square- and it was a huge success!

Check out the was an amazing turnout of pets and their people, who all support our mission of helping animals receive the proper care they deserve from us. All four-legged participants even received a free deworming treatment! Little by little, more and more members of the community are becoming aware of the problems in Iquitos surrounding dogs and cats, like animal overpopulation, abandonment, neglect, and abuse. At the same time, we are doing our best to spread the word that we at Amazon CARES are here to help! Our clinic provides low-cost and free veterinary care for animals, and we operate the only no-kill animal shelter in the Amazon region.
We run completely on donations from our supporters. Help us continue to take action in Iquitos by DONATING TODAY! ALL DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED BY AN ANONYMOUS DONOR UNTIL JANUARY 31!!

December 26, 2016

Pet Adoptions: Many Happy Endings!

Getting more animals adopted into wonderful forever homes means that we can have more space available for incoming animals that need our help. We love seeing animals that have had a "ruff" start to life with happy endings! 
Here's some awesome pictures of our most recent adoptions:

Brigida, in honor of Brigida Burnitt.
Kittens, Mel & Ashley being adopted
Kitten Mel, named after supporter Melissa Kelley, and kitten Ashley in memory of the pet of supporter Diane Lennon. And puppy Brigida named in honor of supporter Brigida Burnitt.

Below are pictures of kitten, Racelle, named in honor of supporter Racelle LaMar. Puppy Jaime, in honor of Dr. Jaime Tamez. Puppy David, in honor of David Forsythe. And puppy Randi in honor of Randi Andrews.
Chicho with his new family!
Please support our organization so we can continue to fulfill our mission every single day! We couldn't do it without all of you! Donate here! ALL donations are being MATCHED!

December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from Amazon CARES!

We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!!!

Our amazing Amazon CARES crew is still providing limited walk-in hours today and tomorrow at the clinic to ensure all the pets of Iquitos, Peru have access to veterinary care and animal rescue services over the weekend. We've been super busy in Peru not only providing the best care to animals we can, but also hard at work on our Street Dog Campaign to provide much needed care to the overwhelming amount of stray animals in the city, and community outreach events, like our recent march in the main square of Iquitos against the mistreatment of animals in Peru.

We are so thankful to have so many supporters that care about animals like us. In the spirit of the holiday season, we invite you to make a donation to Amazon CARES! With every donation, you give another animal the gift of life, love, and the care and respect they deserve.
Please donate here! ALL donations will be matched!

December 23, 2016

Last Minute, Thoughtful Gift Idea From Amazon CARES!

In Honor of Supporter, David Forsythe
What do all these photos of our lovely rescue animals all have in common?

People have donated to help these animals at Amazon CARES, and have requested that their donation honors a loved one by naming them! This is an extremely easy and meaningful tribute or gift to someone that loves animals.

Donate here:, mention a name for the animal you want to rescue, and then, we will email you a beautiful Certificate! Please donate $25 or more to "sponsor" a rescue as a tribute gift!

In honor of Supporter and Sponsor, Leona De Boer.
Some people have asked us to name a rescue animal in memory of a beloved pet that has passed away. Grieving pet owners are always very touched and grateful to know that their pet lives on across the world in Iquitos, Peru...and that their pet saved another animal's life. 

In honor of Supporter, Vanessa Dreschler

We have a BIG challenge in the upcoming months! If YOU help us raise $2500 by Dec. 31, a generous, anonymous donor will MATCH the donation. And that's not all...If we reach our goal, ALL donations will be matched in January as well! Read more in our latest newsletter:
You play a role in the survival of Amazon CARES 501c3 animal rescue charity. We rely on your donations as a very small charity, yet many people still believe we are supported by retailer
Remember Amazon CARES is a legal and TOP-RATED 501c3 charity. Now is the time to maximize your 2016 tax-deductions, and save lives at the same time!

In honor of Andrea Vickers for her gift donation in honor of "Starr Brite", aka Tracy Anne Temple.

December 19, 2016

Supporting Small Non-Profits

 Know why Amazon CARES is an AWESOME small non-profit organization to support?
Amazon CARES has been selected as a TOP RATED NONPROFIT every year since 2012 by Great Nonprofits. The awards “help differentiate between nonprofits, find trustworthy nonprofits, so as to encourage donors to be more confident in giving.” The awards are sponsored by GuideStar, VolunteerMatch, TechSoup and The Huffington Post.
Know how you could really make your donation count?
Take our *Holiday Matching Challenge* and double your year-end gift today We need to raise $2500 by December 31 to obtain a matching gift! AND our generous, anonymous donor will match all donations in January if we meet our goal!

We care for momma dogs and pups on a daily basis!
Thank you to everyone for sharing and generously donating. Whether you donate $5, $10 or $25 increments...any amount is important! Donate through PayPal at Many people make a monthly pledge which helps us immensely!
We are so busy making miracles, it is impossible to find time to tell every story. For your safety and to prevent fraud, make sure that you are actually donating to Amazon CARES, a legal 501c3 with a physical location in Iquitos. Your donation is tax-deductible.

December 14, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: The Momma Dog Under the Floorboards

We find stray animals in the craziest of places here in Iquitos, Peru. Back in May, we actually were called out to rescue a momma dog and her puppies that were living in the floorboards of a building...

The momma and pups were discovered under these floorboards,
A good Samaritan heard the sound of puppies squealing as they passed by, and discovered a momma dog that had given birth to three puppies underneath the floor. They called Amazon CARES right away. The momma dog, now named "Princesa", was an amazing mother who found shelter and took great care of her babies in their safe haven. We suspect that Princesa probably left her pups at night to scavenge for any scraps she could find to eat.

We were able to rescue and adopt all four animals.
When our team arrived to rescue them, the puppies were fearful, probably having never left the safe hiding place that mom had created for them. For animals living on the streets in Iquitos, human interaction can be a very negative experience, including being chased, yelled at, and abused. 
After Princesa and her three beautiful pups were rescued, we provided all the love and care they deserved to make them healthy and strong enough to all be adopted in to permanent forever homes.

All three of Princesa's pups!
We are filled with joy to have opportunities like this to save an animal life whenever we can, especially when we can get them out of the streets and into loving forever homes. We currently have a fundraiser set up specifically to help us pay for costs associated with the specialized care required for rescuing momma dogs and litters of puppies at Amazon CARES in Iquitos, Peru. Please help us reach our goal with a donation of any amount, to help us remain able to save lives. Donate HERE!

December 12, 2016

Why donate to a small charity?

We provide care for countless litters of kittens in Iquitos.
So, why should I donate to a very small charity? gives us some good insight into how to make your donations most effective: In general, charity effectiveness evaluators are skeptical of large organizations, for a number of reasons. Large organizations tend to be less transparent about where their money goes and also likelier to direct money to disaster relief efforts, which are usually less cost-effective, in general, than public health programs. "Overall, our impression is that your donation to these organizations is very hard to trace, but will likely supplement an agenda of extremely diverse programming, driven largely by governments and other very large funders." states the article.

We offer professional grooming services to the public too!
At Amazon CARES, you can be 100% confident that your donation is going directly toward the operation of our veterinary clinic and no-kill animal shelter in Iquitos, Peru to save animal lives every single day
Thank you to everyone for sharing and generously donating. Whether you donate $5, $10 or $25 increments...any amount is important! Donate through PayPal at Many people make a monthly pledge which helps us immensely!

We take EVERY animal in need.
We are so busy making miracles, it is impossible to find time to tell every story. For your safety and to prevent fraud, make sure that you are actually donating to Amazon CARES, a legal 501c3 with a physical location in Iquitos. Your donation is tax-deductible.

December 9, 2016

Now Showing in Theater One – Manuela Sees Her First Clinic Surgery!

Manuela with Dr. Edwin treating a patient.
Manuela's first hours at the bustling Amazon CARES veterinary clinic is a blur. In our prior blog she told us about pet owner's that received services at a “social cost.” There are many other clients to talk about, especially the ones that have adopted one of our rescue pets! But first Manuela needed to meet in person the amazing and energetic Amazon CARES team. She talks to them by phone, via chat or email every day, but they finally got to meet her face-to-face!
“I walked in during a surgery. I'm an animal rescuer, but I wasn't prepared for the sight of blood! I focused on the case at hand" - Manuela said.
Vet Assistant, Harry, deworming puppies.
Amazon CARES is highly focused on spay/neuter surgery, as this is the best way to solve the overpopulation of animals in this isolated jungle town. Dr. Edwin was dealing with an emergency C-section. She was unable to give birth on her own, and Dr. Edwin determined to save both the dog and her puppies. “I didn't want to speak to him & distract him” Manuela said. She was fascinated to see him at work. “I recall videos of some of the earliest surgeries, back in 2004.” Manuela is referring to blurry videos taken when CARES was first established, before smartphones and social media. It was a time when vets didn't have vital items such as gloves or surgical masks. “It's certainly not as modern as where I take my pets in Florida, but I was pleasantly impressed by the cleanliness and attention to patient care.”
The mama dog survived, as did several of her puppies. She needed to recover, and I took over bottle feeding duty for the hungry puppies. While the vets cleaned up, the vet assistants were already taking in new consults. Luckily, not every case is an emergency case!

Manuela Rodrigues is the President and Director of Amazon CARES USA and Amazon CARES Peru.
Manuela with Clients and a Patient: A Cute Rabbit!
There are regular clients-- Those who support our mission every time they come to the clinic. They are the “VIP” clients.  They don't skip ahead of the line, but we are always thrilled to see them! They are the happy people that have taken one of our many rescue animals into their home! There are humble people who care for their pets, but cannot afford veterinary care. A multitude of good Samaritans who bring animals in need-  Abandoned litters, ill animals close to death, and many others cases. We never turn these animals away, although there is great financial strain in taking them in and as of now we have close to 100 animals under our care in the shelter and in the clinic. As the only legal animal charity and the only animal shelter (no-kill) in the region, people expect us to take in every single animal. This is also our desire, but we need your help. Please make a donation at - Whether you donate $5, $10 or $25 increments...any amount is important! Many people make a monthly pledge which helps us immensely!

December 7, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: Saving Grace from the streets

Amazon CARES rescues street dogs & cats and restores them to health! 
This is Grace. She was frightened and hiding underneath the vendor stalls of the busy Belén Market in Iquitos. She never ventured out from under the stall, as vendors would kick her, chasing her away from potential customers. Luckily Amazon CARES was conducting a spay/neuter campaign above the meat market! Our fearless vet assistant Harry caught her, but she was too sick for surgery. Instead of putting her back on the street we took her to our licensed veterinary clinic! We only employ licensed veterinarians and use quality medicines, and Grace received medical attention, but also the love & tenderness she had never known. A scared stray is now a happily adopted pet!
Before (Antes) and after (Después) photos of Grace after her rescue.
Thank you to everyone for sharing and generously donating. Animals such as Grace generate love, and whether you donate $5, $10 or $25 increments, any amount is important! Donate through PayPal at Many people make a monthly pledge which helps us immensely! You can also join our fundraising team at
We are so busy making miracles, it is impossible to find time to tell every story. For your safety and to prevent fraud, make sure that you are actually donating to Amazon CARES, a legal 501c3 with a physical location in Iquitos. Your donation is tax-deductible.

December 3, 2016

December Street Dog Campaign Kick-Off

A huge part of our mission at Amazon CARES is to provide veterinary care to as many stray and street animals in Iquitos, Peru as we possibly can. We focus on improving the health of the existing population through medical treatments, vaccination, and spaying/neutering to address overpopulation and prevent future litters from abandonment and and suffering in the streets. Scrolling through some of our previous blog posts, you can see that animals are brought to our clinic every day from the streets that are sick, malnourished, and infested with fleas, ticks, and mites. We encourage you to read last week's post from our supporter, Laura Lee, about some of the street animals she encountered while traveling through Iquitos.

In the month of December, Amazon CARES is launching our Street Dog Campaign. We will provide much needed veterinary care to at least 100 street dogs, in the memory of our dear friend, Bill Grimes, who sadly lost his life in Iquitos in a terrible storm this past summer.

Please support us in our efforts to make a small corner of the world a better place for animals to live!

Ours and Bill's friend, Tracy Temple, has kindly set up a fundraising page for this event. We are so fortunate to have met the original goal to get us started, but please consider making an additional donation to allow us to make an even bigger dent in helping the huge amount of animals currently living on the streets. You can DONATE HERE!

December 1, 2016

Manuela's Birthday Wish

Manuela with precious rescue dogs Nion and Gary.
This year, Amazon CARES Executive Director & President, Manuela Rodrigues, hopes to celebrate her birthday by raising funds to save more animal lives in Iquitos, Peru. In 2004 when Amazon CARES first started, nobody noticed or cared about the innumerable sick animals that were hiding in plain site. Now in 2016, many, many people care. We have been so successful in teaching a generation to care about animals that we are now having a hard time keeping up! We NEED your help to keep our organization going to continue helping more animals that need us.

We truly have wonderful supporters, and have already reached Manuela's original goal of $1,800! How lucky we are to be surrounded by other people who share the same compassion and concern for animal welfare as we do.

Let's help make Manuela's wish even more amazing by surpassing her goal and raising as much as we can! With every donation, we can continue to help more and more animals. Consider sharing $36 for Manuela's 36th birthday, or even just $10 for an animal that deserves to be loved and cared for. Every single donation makes a huge impact for our small organization. 
Your gift will go directly towards helping many dogs and cats receive food, shelter, and the veterinary care they need. Please also share our Facebook page with friends and family.

Donate directly to Manuela's Birthday Wish HERE!

If you don't have Facebook, you can also donate through Paypal or mail a check to Amazon CARES, PO BOX 271344, Tampa, FL 33688.

We are SO GRATEFUL for everyone who supports us and our mission.