November 9, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: More Happy Tails at #AmazonCares!

Pirata when was rescued by us.
We are so happy to see so many adoptions going on here in Iquitos, Peru! On October 29, three more of our shelter dogs were adopted. Scooby, Pirata and Sydney were rescued from the streets, spayed and neutered, and received the proper veterinary care they needed until they were 100% healthy. 

Scooby at the time we rescued him.

Many of our rescues come to us in really rough shape and need special care and attention to recover. Sydney came to us pregnant, so we were able to save the lives of both Sydney and her cute little pups, providing loving homes for them all. If it was not for the dedication of our team at Amazon CARES, many dogs and cats we've adopted out would still be on the streets, or even dead. Just take a look at those smiling, happy puppy faces with their new family! 

Sydney after an emergency c-section performed by our Veterinarian.
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Pirata, Scooby and Sydney - Happy to Have a New Home!

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