November 12, 2016

Meet Manchas, a Former #StreetDog, #Rescued by #AmazonCARES

Amazon CARES rescued Manchas in mid-October, 2016. She was in bad shape- she had a venereal tumor, mange, parasites, and skin infections. She was so traumatized when she first came in. As she heals she is becoming more loving and trusting of people. Here's Manchas pictured with our Executive Director, Manuela Rodrigues, a month after staying with us! She is looking so much better.
We provide free veterinary care and rescue hundreds of animals each month, and we are struggling to keep up. As the only legal animal charity and the only animal shelter (no-kill!) in the region, people expect us to take in every single animal. This is also our desire, but we must have your help. Please make a donation of any amount at

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