November 20, 2016

Former Street Pup Rosie Travels to the U.S.

Rosie and her littermate when they first arrived.
Our dedicated volunteer, Ann Owen, traveled from the United States to our organization in Iquitos, Peru, multiple times in 2016 to offer her invaluable volunteering service to Amazon CARES. In her most recent visit, a little puppy named Rosie joined her on her journey back home! Like many animals we rescue here in Peru, Rosie was in rough shape. Rosie and her puppymate were actually left right at our doorstep in a cardboard box. She had a skin condition known as sarcoptic mange, which caused her to lose a bunch of her hair, and she was also badly malnourished. Without intervention, Rosie and her littermate probably would not have survived. With proper veterinary care and specialized attention from our animal care staff, Rosie and the other puppies grew strong, healthy, happy, and ready to start a new life. Check out Ann's story about Rosie below. It's been an incredible journey, and she sure is a lucky pup! 

Volunteer Ann and Rosie on their journey home.
"Once I decided to adopt a dog from Amazon CARES the hardest part was deciding which one." said Ann. "These abandoned dogs are so anxious to share their love with you and have a true home. Over the 5 weeks I was volunteering with this wonderful organization and Rosie won my heart. Although she was the smallest one, she had "spunk"- In her quiet way she held her own even with her much larger fur-friends. Although there are many hurdles adopting a dog from Peru it is possible. Who would have thought you had to pay a "tax" to Peru? I do not regret it. She has already brought such joy and unconditional love to my granddaughter, myself and my other dog who has not played since the death of my other dog earlier this year. Now my jungle dog needs to learn about snow!"
Rosie getting used to the snow in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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