November 29, 2016

#GivingTuesday: Give a Gift of Hope and Life!

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education, and Safety (CARES) seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings in the Peruvian Amazon region. This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect. Our daily work is to provide a temporary, safe, caring and humane shelter and total care for homeless, adoptable cats and dogs, and to subsequently place these animals in quality, adoptive and permanent homes. We advocate responsible pet ownership, follow a mandatory spay-neuter policy, and work in our community to fight animal cruelty through education.
Amazon CARES enlists and promotes public involvement in the humane treatment of animals, and is committed to principles of justice and compassion for all animals. Since 2004, Amazon CARES has accomplished miracles, but we need YOUR help to survive. 

Give a gift of hope and life! When you help Amazon CARES spay or neuter a street dog you are saving countless lives! Just look at the countless abandoned litters of puppies and kittens we are caring for! The Animal Rescue Site provides you with a beautiful certificate to download, so you can notify your loved one that you supported Amazon CARES in their honor! Celebrate #GivingTuesday: Fix a stray & save many lives! Click here-- Just $18 for each! 

November 28, 2016

Laura's Rescue Story: She deserves to live!

Meet "Laura"
Meet one of our recent rescues- "Laura", named after our supporter, Laura Lee. While visiting Iquitos, Peru, Laura saw the suffering of a stray dog in Iquitos and shared her picture on social media. As soon as, Executive Director of Amazon CARES, Manuela Rodrigues, saw Laura's ask for help and the extremely poor conditions of the stray dog, Manuela sent our vet assistants, Harry and Junior, to find the stray dog and bring her to the clinic for treatment. "Laura" is safe now with us and getting stronger- We are asking for your help now more than ever! Any amount: $5, $10... more if you can afford it, will support our life-saving work with homeless animals. Some people have generously made recurring donations of $20 a month- You can donate on Crowdrise or on PayPal. You can also mail us a check to: Amazon CARES, PO BOX 271344, Tampa, FL 33688. You can even create your own fundraiser on Crowdrise and ask your friends to support many animals like Laura! Just like you, we believe EVERY life is precious. Amazon CARES is committed to saving as many lives as possible. Your generosity helps us carry out that mission.
Laura was kind enough to share her incredible journey with us below.

"Laura" in our clinic.
"I’ve never been a big believer in miracles, but sometimes they really do happen when you least expect it. I had the chance to be part of one which I will never forget. 
Recently I took a trip to South America. When I was there I noticed many homeless dogs and cats. We would drive or walk through towns and I would see them. Their coats were filthy, some were very thin and they always seemed to have such grief and sadness in their eyes. I started saving all my leftovers, buying food and carrying it with me. I had heard from someone that I shouldn't feed the strays. That they were aggressive. But that was not my experience. All of the many dozens of dogs I met during my travels were friendly and patient. It seemed like they had learned that if they were well-behaved, people would feed them.
I felt so helpless. Here I was as a temporary visitor in a foreign country thousands of miles from home, desperately wishing I could make a difference. Feeding them didn’t seem like enough. 
During one of our stops we visited the city of Iquitos, Peru. It was there that I came across one dog that stood out from the rest. She was curled up under a trailer. Her body was so shrunken from hunger that her skin hung loosely. Most of her fur was gone and almost all of her skin was raw and sore from mange. Her eyes were closed and she continuously rubbed at her ear with her paw. Although I’ve experienced bad allergies and hives, I couldn’t imagine the suffering this poor dog was going through. Something in the back of my mind told me to take a couple of photos of her location so I took one of the trailer she was under and a second of the marketplace across from where I found her.
I shared the photo of her on my Facebook page. People asked me why I was leaving her there and they wanted to know why I wasn’t doing anything to help her. It was painful to admit I couldn’t help her. I was in a foreign country, I didn’t speak the language and I was only there a short time before leaving for another location. I felt even more heartbroken. All I had was a photograph. How can anyone make a difference with just a photograph? 
During the rest of the trip I couldn’t stop thinking about the little dog. When I arrived home the following week, I decided to post her photo on a couple of animal rescue sites. I wasn’t expecting any responses since Iquitos is a relatively remote city located in the Peruvian Amazon, but surprisingly enough, I received a response from my posting on the Angels for Animals Network that very evening. A woman named Manuela Rodrigues asked where the dog was located. I told her I had photos of the location and shared those with her. She told me that she knew the area and would have her two vet assistants look for the dog the following day. I was both surprised and excited. It seemed almost unbelievable to me. I felt like I was in a dream. I shared this update with friends and asked for positive thoughts and prayers that they would find her. Since the dog was in such poor shape, I hoped she wouldn’t travel far from the location where she had been.
They found her! Way to go Harry and Junior!
The next day I received a message and photos from Manuela. THEY HAD THE DOG!!!!!!! It was her-- "Laura". They brought her to their vet clinic and were giving her a medicated bath and starting treatment. I cried. I felt like I had won the lottery. A suffering dog 4000 miles away that I had just happened to capture in a photo during my trip had been rescued and was receiving treatment because I took a chance and reached out. Somehow one of my photos actually made a difference. Just thinking about this still brings tears to my eyes. I know I cannot save them all, but for this one dog I was able to make a difference. Manuela also confirmed that the dog was a girl and they had named her Laura after me.
Veterinarian Dr. Edwin examines "Laura".
There are no words to describe how deeply this experience has touched me. I owe much gratitude to Manuela for responding to my request. She has proven that sometimes something as simple as a photo can make a real difference, and sometimes miracles really do happen."

Right now, Amazon CARES takes in more animals that need our help just like Laura than ever before, and we need your help to keep our doors open. Any amount of support is a HUGE help to the animals and community of Iquitos, Peru. Please click here to donate today!

November 23, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: Become an #AmazonCARES #GuardianAngel

Who says you have to be in Iquitos, Peru in order to adopt one of the many adorable fuzzies we rescue every day?
Manuela & Vet Assistants, Harry & Junior, with 4 Rescues: Robin, Laura, Reyes and Gloria.

You can virtually "adopt" any one of our rescues in search of a forever family. A monthly donation provides food, shelter, and much needed veterinary care and TLC from our dedicated staff members in Peru. You can adopt as many as you'd like, or even adopt one as a gift or tribute in honor of a loved one. 
Just think- for every dog or cat adopted from #AmazonCARES, we are able to rescue more animals who need our help. Every day, animals in Iquitos are suffering on the streets.

Be a hero to an animal who needs our help!  

Pictured above: Executive Director Manuela, vet assistants Harry and Junior, and 4 of our rescued pets with guardians! "Robin" is named after Robin H. Ridley from Parfait Studio, "Laura" is named after supporter Laura Lee, and "Reyes" and "Gloria" are named after our supporter Gloria Stein. THANK YOU for helping us care for these wonderful and deserving animals of Iquitos!

Check it out this video of our success stories:

Ready to "adopt"? Sign up here!

November 22, 2016

A Wall of Heat & a Wall of Pet Owners – Manuela – Welcome to the Jungle!

Nothing can prepare you for Iquitos, Peru! We've heard this from nearly every volunteer that comes to help Amazon CARES. Manuela Rodrigues is more prepared, however, as she was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The wall of suffocating heat that welcomes every visitor on deplaning felt familiar to her. Excited, she hopped on a three-wheeled rickshaw and headed to work!

Manuela joined Amazon CARES years ago, but in January, 2016 she assumed leadership of all operations in Peru & in the USA! On this, her first trip to Iquitos, she would finally see all that she had imagined.

Halloween Event at our Clinic.
After settling in to a hostel, she walked the short distance to the Amazon CARES clinic. “Before I could greet the staff, I had to walk through a waiting area of people and animals!” she exclaimed. The clinic is always busy. Meeting the staff would have to wait, as the clients were eager to meet Manuela, the new Director and President of Amazon CARES.

Manuela with rescue dogs, Laura and David.
Manuela explained “So many people care about their pets, but can't afford proper veterinary care. Our vets are very well trained in small animal care, and they are fully licensed.”Sadly, this is not the case in all of Iquitos. “Pseudo-vets” operate clinics or provide treatments from their home. We do our best to accommodate these loving pet owners, providing services at “social cost.” Manuela elaborated that “Services are free, but we must charge for the medicines and materials used. At least the people only have to pay the wholesale cost.” During her trip Manuela discovered that the social cost actually falls below the true wholesale cost, but we are grateful that a person can make a contribution to their pet's care, enabling us to rescue more abandoned animals.
Manuela with her staff in the clinic.

We rescue many homeless animals, and Manuela met some of them on her first day. She finally met the entire staff!  Be sure to check in as we learn more about Manuela’s exciting trip!

November 20, 2016

Former Street Pup Rosie Travels to the U.S.

Rosie and her littermate when they first arrived.
Our dedicated volunteer, Ann Owen, traveled from the United States to our organization in Iquitos, Peru, multiple times in 2016 to offer her invaluable volunteering service to Amazon CARES. In her most recent visit, a little puppy named Rosie joined her on her journey back home! Like many animals we rescue here in Peru, Rosie was in rough shape. Rosie and her puppymate were actually left right at our doorstep in a cardboard box. She had a skin condition known as sarcoptic mange, which caused her to lose a bunch of her hair, and she was also badly malnourished. Without intervention, Rosie and her littermate probably would not have survived. With proper veterinary care and specialized attention from our animal care staff, Rosie and the other puppies grew strong, healthy, happy, and ready to start a new life. Check out Ann's story about Rosie below. It's been an incredible journey, and she sure is a lucky pup! 

Volunteer Ann and Rosie on their journey home.
"Once I decided to adopt a dog from Amazon CARES the hardest part was deciding which one." said Ann. "These abandoned dogs are so anxious to share their love with you and have a true home. Over the 5 weeks I was volunteering with this wonderful organization and Rosie won my heart. Although she was the smallest one, she had "spunk"- In her quiet way she held her own even with her much larger fur-friends. Although there are many hurdles adopting a dog from Peru it is possible. Who would have thought you had to pay a "tax" to Peru? I do not regret it. She has already brought such joy and unconditional love to my granddaughter, myself and my other dog who has not played since the death of my other dog earlier this year. Now my jungle dog needs to learn about snow!"
Rosie getting used to the snow in Salt Lake City, Utah!

We care for sick puppies and kittens from the streets of Iquitos, Peru every day. Our work wouldn't be possible without your help- please consider supporting us with a donation to help more animals in need of a second chance today! Donate HERE.

November 12, 2016

Meet Manchas, a Former #StreetDog, #Rescued by #AmazonCARES

Amazon CARES rescued Manchas in mid-October, 2016. She was in bad shape- she had a venereal tumor, mange, parasites, and skin infections. She was so traumatized when she first came in. As she heals she is becoming more loving and trusting of people. Here's Manchas pictured with our Executive Director, Manuela Rodrigues, a month after staying with us! She is looking so much better.
We provide free veterinary care and rescue hundreds of animals each month, and we are struggling to keep up. As the only legal animal charity and the only animal shelter (no-kill!) in the region, people expect us to take in every single animal. This is also our desire, but we must have your help. Please make a donation of any amount at

November 9, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: More Happy Tails at #AmazonCares!

Pirata when was rescued by us.
We are so happy to see so many adoptions going on here in Iquitos, Peru! On October 29, three more of our shelter dogs were adopted. Scooby, Pirata and Sydney were rescued from the streets, spayed and neutered, and received the proper veterinary care they needed until they were 100% healthy. 

Scooby at the time we rescued him.

Many of our rescues come to us in really rough shape and need special care and attention to recover. Sydney came to us pregnant, so we were able to save the lives of both Sydney and her cute little pups, providing loving homes for them all. If it was not for the dedication of our team at Amazon CARES, many dogs and cats we've adopted out would still be on the streets, or even dead. Just take a look at those smiling, happy puppy faces with their new family! 

Sydney after an emergency c-section performed by our Veterinarian.
Please support our organization so we can continue to fulfill our mission every single day! We couldn't do it without all of you! Donate here.
Pirata, Scooby and Sydney - Happy to Have a New Home!

November 6, 2016

Trick-or-Treat at #AmazonCARES!

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Howl-o-ween!!

We had an amazing turnout for our costume contest!
We sure did- we had a Halloween party last Monday, October 31, at our veterinary clinic in Iquitos, Peru. Furry friends and animal lovers in both spooky and adorable costumes came to celebrate and learn more about us. We held a costume contest and had an incredible turnout! Our top three winners received coupons for free baths, deworming medication,
The cutest couple of the night!
 Our fuzziest costume contest participant!
some cool toys, and pretty bow collars. We had the wonderful opportunity to talk to the kids about taking proper care of pets, and also gave away some school supplies and fun Halloween socks. It's always a blast for us to meet new friends and spread the word that we are here to help and provide much needed veterinary care to the community. 

November 2, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: Where in the World is #AmazonCARES?

Curious as to where Amazon CARES is located?

Iquitos is a city is nestled on the edge of the Amazon River, and is the largest town in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Iquitos cannot be accessed by road- the only way you can get to it is by boat or air. Our full service veterinary clinic is located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the "Plaza de Armas", or main square. Our no-kill animal shelter is located about 20 minutes from the city just inside the jungle.

Here's our beautiful clinic!
The amount of homeless animals living in the streets of Iquitos is overwhelming- but we are here to help!
Beautiful view of the Amazon River from Iquitos City

Support us in providing community outreach, animal rescue, education, and spreading safety awareness to this wonderful city to make it a better place for animals to live. Consider making a donation here.

Most people travel by "moto" or motocar in the city.
Our volunteers giving our rescue pups a bath in the Amazon River!