October 19, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: #Pet Forget-Me-Nots #AdoptDontShop

In many animal shelters, it's not only about adopting out puppies and kittens in need of homes, but many adult dogs too! Don't overlook a loyal, trainable, and cuddle-worthy dog when you're on the look out for your next best friend. Gringo and Lucho are two of our middle-aged cuties with plenty of spunk and love left to share with their furever family. 

Interested in helping us provide more pets with access to shelter and veterinary care in Iquitos, Peru? Virtually “adopt” a precious dog or cat awaiting a new home by making a donation here!  

Special thanks to HyMMarketing and the team of IquitosCityGuide for donating time and their fabulous professional work with all the pictures taken for Amazon CARES!

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