October 26, 2016

#Wordless Wednesday: Snoopy got a second chance!

The team treating Snoopy.
Every day we have stories to tell. Today we are sharing Snoopy's story. Some volunteers rescued Snoopy and brought him to us. He was in really rough shape when he arrived in our clinic-- It appeared as though someone had threw something like hot motor oil on this innocent little fella. 

Snoopy had horrible burn wounds on his body.
His fur was missing and he had painful burns on his body. He is currently being treated at our veterinary clinic, and is slowly recovering, starting to look so much better!
Snoopy feeling much better with treatment!

Help make a difference for innocent animals like Snoopy by contributing a donation today here, so we can continue to help many more animals in need the Peruvian Amazon Region.
Volunteer Soraya holding Snoopy.

Amazon Community Animal Rescue Education & Safety is an established 501c3 charity in the USA and ONGD in Peru.  We are the only legal domestic animal rescue charity in Peru's Amazon region. We rescue, treat, shelter, and find loving homes for HUNDREDS of animals every month.  We are a Great NonProfits Top-Rated Charity.

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