October 11, 2016

Nion gave up on life, but Amazon CARES would NOT let him!

Nion wanted to disappear. We wouldn't let him! This is his story, and the story of thousands of dogs & cats rescued by Amazon CARES! 
Nion living on the street - Desperate for food, love and care.

Vet Assistant, Junior, rescuing street dog, Nion
Nion lived under a bench in the Plaza Roja in San Juan, a neighborhood in Iquitos.

Our friend, Georgina, saw him everyday at 6 AM. She eventually gained his trust so that she could rub his head on her morning walks. Until he disappeared. When she saw him again his hair was knotted and pulling at the skin, and there were oozing sores covering his body. He wouldn't let her approach him

Georgina told Amazon CARES about Nion, and we sent Junior right away. Georgina's eyes filled with tears as nobody else was willing to help Nion. Within 15 minutes he was in our care. Nion hid under his bench. He wouldn't raise his head or make eye contact, but our Vet Assistant, Junior, coaxed hungry Nion out with food. 
Junior and our Veterinarian, Dr. Edwin, with Nion.

Tufts of white hair were attached to the scabs covering his malnourished body. Other spots were raw and bloody. He was riddled with parasites. His tail resembled that of a reptile. His teeth and gums were bloodied from scraping food off the concrete.

Nion was named in honor of donor, Nion Dickson.
Nion is regaining his health due to a regimen of medicated baths, antibiotics, and other treatments adminstered by our licensed veterinarians. His hair is growing in nicely, and he is learning to trust people. 

This is the story of Nion, but it is also the story of Paloma, Forest, Aida, Simon, Fluffy, Esteban and Charlie - a story many of you already know. Share Nion's story-- 
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Amazon Community Animal Rescue Education & Safety is an established 501c3 charity in the USA and ONGD in Peru.  We are the only legal domestic animal rescue charity in Peru's Amazon region. We rescue, treat, shelter, and find loving homes for HUNDREDS of animals every month.  We are a Great NonProfits Top-Rated Charity. We have collaborated and/or received donations from Humane Society International, Best Friends Animal Society, Worldwide Veterinary Service, Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Canadian Animal Assistance Team, Veterinary Ventures, Animal Welfare Institute, Embrace Pet Insurance, Animal Rescue New Orleans, The Dottie & David Bonnett Foundation, The Catalina Family Foundation, Leona de Boer & Ray Muzika, The Mednikow Family Foundation, The Greater Good Foundation, Lupine Collars & Leashes, Animal Medical Care Foundation, Apple Charitible Giving, CGI, Assurant, Campbell Pet Company, and many more generous donors.


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