October 8, 2016

Cats Campaign Stats!

Amazon CARES has been spaying and neutering cats like crazy! Since last July, we've had an exciting ongoing campaign dedicated to trapping, sterilization, and release of feral cats found in the streets of Iquitos, Peru. Leona De Boer and Ray Muzika have graciously sponsored this campaign, allowing us to provide care for more than 200 cats so far.

A momma cat with 9 kittens were abandoned in our door
As of September 15, we have spayed and neutered 149 street cats! Of the street cats we've operated on, 63.75% have been females, ad 36.25% have been males. In addition, we have also provided free spay and neuter surgeries for 57 additional pets of people with very low income, who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  These procedures are all performed by our dedicated veterinary staff, in addition to the already hectic daily schedule of seeing walk-in patients and daily surgery appointments.

Dr. Edwin and volunteers in the OR
Our Iquitos staff and volunteers have noticed a drastic decrease in street cats that haven't already been spayed or neutered in our go-to market cat-catching areas, prompting us to extend our campaign to new and surrounding neighborhoods. We still have 51 more street cat spays and neuters to go as part of this campaign. Good work, team!

Amazon CARES Medical Staff in action!
In November, we will be launching a new campaign to provide veterinary care to 100 street dogs, in memory of a dear friend recently lost, Bill Grimes. Please consider making a donation to help make a lasting impact for the animals in Iquitos.  

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