October 2, 2016

Anti-Parasitic Campaigns at Amazon CARES

Dr. Fernando giving anti-parasitic medicine to a kitten.
Treating our companion animals with anti-parasitic medications and flea/tick treatments is a vital part of caring for our canine and feline friends seen in our clinic in Iquitos, Peru. Located in the northern Amazon Rainforest region, you can probably imagine how many different types of bugs you can find in the city! Internal parasitic infections, infestations of fleas, and tick bites all can make pets really sick, and can even cause death. Unfortunately, we see these cases in our Iquitos clinic on a daily basis. Many animal owners simply are not aware that preventative medication is necessary for their pets. It's our goal to educate our clients and provide life-saving preventative medication at an affordable cost.
Our Veteran Vet Assistant, Harry, with a puppy.
Virtually all stray animals living in the streets of Iquitos are infested with fleas and ticks. Even in the United States, tick bites are the vector for many terrible animal diseases, like Lyme Disease, Erhlichia, and Anaplasma infections. The prevalence of tick-borne diseases like Erhlichia is very high in Iquitos. When a stray animal is brought in to us, one of the first things we start with is treating for fleas, ticks, and internal parasites.

Amazon CARES often holds campaign events offering low-cost or even free anti-parasitic medication and flea/tick preventative. Through community events such as these, we hope to provide education and accessibility to affordable veterinary care to all the pets of Iquitos.

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